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House Charlotte Program
We are not the city of Charlotte, or HCC. We are licenced and experience Real Estate Professionals that are familar with all aspects of the House Charlotte Program, and assist Charlotte Homebuyers with the process. To contact House Charlotte directly click here.

Are you looking to own a home in the Charlotte NC area but need assistance with the initial costs like the down payment or other closing fees? There is an amazing financial assistance opportunity called the House Charlotte Program, that will provide financial help to homebuyers in the Charlotte area. This unique program is one of the only remaining down payment assistance programs offered today for new Charlotte Individuals and families.

The House Charlotte Program is designed to reinforce and steady designated Charlotte neighborhoods as well as provide home ownership opportunities to individuals and families and increase the amount of affordable housing in Charlotte North Carolina.

If you meet the requirements for the House Charlotte down payment assistance program, you may obtain up to $5,000 in financial aid for families above 80% AMI or up to $7,500 if family income is below 80% AMI. You can aslo receive up to $10,000 is your family income is below 60% AMI in select house charlotte areas. This program even has a provision for employed CMPD officers who purchase homes in designated neighborhoods; they are eligible for assistance up to $10,000.

The financial support or funds for the House Charlotte Program are delivered through a 10-year, deferred and forgivable loan. No payment is due as long as your ownership status in the home remains and you do not cash out or refinance the loan.

Some of the eligibility requirements of House Charlotte Program are as follows:

•Families with incomes that are 110% or less of the local Charlotte median income are eligible for assistance.
•Only Families or Individuals who do not currently own a home can apply.
•Participants must complete pre-purchase homebuyer education program at a cost of $60, classes are held Monday & Saturday.
•The home must be a family's primary residence, located in any of 103 designated neighborhoods.
•Must be work with an approved mortgage lender.
•Maximum purchase price of home is $155,000.

Contact us for further details and how we can walk you through the process of qualifying.

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